The Ren top-load top-deposit litter receptacle in our new Stella of Sunne™ collection features a classic, minimalist look inspired by Scandinavian design aesthetics. Its eased edges and clean lines transform any environment into a comfortable and inviting space.

REN-36TD: 36-gal (136 L) Top-Load Top-Deposit Litter Receptacle. Wide mouth convex lid.

REN-45TD: 45-gal (170 L) Top-Load Top-Deposit Litter Receptacle. Wide mouth convex lid.


All fabricated metal components are steel shot-blasted, etched, phosphatized, preheated and electrostatically powder-coated with TGIC polyester powder coatings.

Other standard features include a high-density plastic liner and rubber-tipped leveling feet on the base.

Interior plastic liners for our litter receptacles offer substantial value and are produced on molds that we designed and own. These plastic cans are reinforced, ribbed, and molded for durability, ease of use and greater capacity.


Victor Stanley Relay™ Sensor & Service. Solid steel panels. Solid steel panels & wood combination. Solid steel panels & recycled plastic combination. Wood slats. Recycled plastic slats. Recycle lid. Dual-flow lid. Half-Moon liners. Galvanized steel liner (REN-36TD, powder coat available). Custom decals. Smooth interior wood finish.

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